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Tax Consultancy
We support companies as well as private individuals with all tax issues.
We promptly and timely handle all your accounting needs.
Corporate Consulting
We happily advise on labor and social insurance questions.
Service spectrum

Our services encompass everything from accounting and tax assessments to the preparation of annual financial statements and payroll and salary calculations. Our clients come from a diverse range of industries and include sole proprietorships, individuals, and corporations.

Tax consultancy

We offer tax consultancy both nationally and internationally, with a focus on sales tax, income tax, corporation tax, and general tax issues.

Consulting areas

  • Corporate Establishment
  • Young entrepreneur consulting
  • Corporate succession/sale
  • Restructurings/Conversions
  • Choosing the right business structure
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Limited liability companies
  • Representation before competent authorities
Tax Returns

  • Preparation of all tax returns with optimal utilization of tax laws
  • Calculation of the estimated tax refund or payment
  • Calculation of the expected GSVG refund or payment.
  • Calculation of estimated tax payments
  • Calculation of claim interest
  • Review of issued tax assessments
  • Preparation of legal remedies (appeal, suspension, etc.)
Financial statements

  • Timely financial statements
  • On-time revenue / expense accounts
  • Timely surplus invoices
  • Consolidated financial statements (also according to IAS/IFRS and US-GAAP)
  • Special and supplementary balance sheets
  • Preparation of reorganization balance sheets
  • Preparation of interim financial statements
  • Flat-rate payments (e.g. landlords, innkeepers, etc.)
  • Preparation and execution of the company book filings

We offer tax consulting in the national and international area with the main focus on: VAT, income tax, corporate tax and general tax issues.


  • On-time processing of your accounting, taking into account current laws and changes
  • All reports to the competent authorities (such as VAT, recapitulative statement, etc.)
  • Business management evaluations, specially adapted to your company
  • Routine handling of tax audits
  • Processing of payment transactions and dunning
  • Ongoing control or request of incorrect or missing documents already during the year
  • Ongoing overview of your profit situation
  • Monitoring of all tax deadlines

  • On-time accounting of your employees of all industries
  • Comprehensive wage cost evaluations tailored to your needs
  • Processing of monthly and annual reports to all authorities in connection with your employees
  • Optimal preparation of payroll data for the preparation of your annual financial statements
  • Information statements concerning gross-net payments of your employees
  • Routine handling of tax audits
  • Automatic adaptation to legal changes
  • Security during payroll audits

The demands on corporate management are becoming ever more extensive. Therefore, for us, sound business consulting is inseparably linked to the services of good tax consulting.

Consulting fields

  • Company foundation
  • Young Entrepreneur Consulting
  • Company succession/sale
  • Reorganizations/conversions
  • Choosing the right form of business
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
  • Representation before competent authorities
  • Compliance with deadlines
Tax returns

  • Preparation of all tax returns with optimal use of tax laws
  • Calculation of the expected tax arrears payment or credit
  • Calculation of the expected GSVG supplementary payment or credit
  • Calculation of advance tax payments
  • Calculation of the interest on claims
  • Automatic deadline control
  • Control of the issued tax assessments
  • Constitution of legal remedies (appeal, suspension, etc)
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